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Huge Cost-Savings Partial or Complete Rebuild / Reconstruction Services for Field Erected Cooling Towers: Wood to FRP Fiberglass Conversions, Fill Media Repacks, Fans and Fan Stacks, Gearboxes, FRP Casing and Louvers, Fan Decking, Staircases, Quality Metal Fabricated Fan Torque Tubes, Cold and Hot Water Basins, and Much More.

Rebuilt of a field erected cooling tower - new fans, gearboxes, fill media, fiberglass louvers, fiberglass casing, wood framing

Reconstruction of a field erected fep cooling tower - new frp casing, fill media, fan assemblies, fan stacks

Rebuild reconstruction of an old field erected fep cooling tower at a chemical manufacturing plant

Cyrco, inc. rebuilds and reconstructs both cross flow and counter flow, field erected cooling towers of all sizes and configurations, makes and models, no matter the age nor manufacturer. Cyrco's rebuild and reconstruction services of one or more sections of the cooling tower often equates to our clients saving tens-of-thousands of dollars (or more) when compared to the large scale construction of a new field erected cooling tower. When applicable, the reusing of existing components such as foundations, member structure framing, water distribution systems, electrical wiring, stairways and safety railings, and other costly parts, only further saves our clients additional time and money. Our rebuild and reconstruction services are usually the most cost effective solution with the end result being a reconstructed cooling tower that is optimized for maximum energy efficiency, long-term reliability, and rebuilt to outperform and outlast the original design.

In addition, in-house custom metal fabrication and the manufacturing of revolutionary parts, Cyrco is also an Authorized Reseller for a host of reputable OEM cooling tower parts manufacturers. Because of this, Cyrco can offer its clients a wide range of possibilities including non-standard "packaged" cooling towers that often include limitations such as sizing and spacing restrictions, fouling or deforming of fill media, poor design for the application, etc. Having to wait upon OEM manufacturers or outside vendors to produce and deliver parts can cause long delays in a cooling tower construction process. Due to Cyrco warehousing and in-house fabrication of parts, we alleviate our dependency from OEM manufacturers or outside vendors, assuring our client’s cooling tower are rebuilt in one continuous momentum. These factors again result in our clients saving time and money.







Due to Cyrco’s state-of-the-art metal fabrication capabilities just about any cooling tower part can be custom replicated to OEM manufacturer, or better, specifications. Our quality, expertly fabricated replacement parts are made from heavy gauged, USA made steel. In addition to our prices being substantially lower costs than OEM parts, our custom fabricated parts are readily available with short lead times. Cyrco's custom metal fabricated parts for field erected cooling towers include:





Rexnord Addax Cooling Tower Fan Brake Self Closing Safety Swing Gates For Elevated Platform Cooling Tower Mechanical Or Plenum Walkway Platforms


Cyrco, inc. is industry-known for our craftsmanship and quality products and our optional cooling tower upgrades are of no exception. Our fan brakes installations allow for quick and safe shut down of the cooling tower fan either for maintenance or for storm preparation as shutting down the fan is one of the most crucial steps one can make for preventing storm damage. Our USA made, 400lb impact rated, self closing safety swing gates at the top of ladder systems greatly reduces the risk of falls, which according to OSHA, is a leading cause of death and serious injury. Custom designed FRP mechanical or plenum walkway platforms allow employees easy access to safely conduct inspections and repairs to the cooling tower's fans and gearboxes. These products are also available for shipping to your site for you to install.





Fan Decking Repair And Replacement For Field Erected Cooling Towers Custom Metal Fabricated Aftermarket Hot Water Distribution Basins Rebuild Construction Of Old Existing Metal Cooling Tower



Rebuild of Old Field Erected Cooling Tower

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