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Cyrco, inc. Metal Fabricates, Galvanized and Stainless Steel, Aftermarket Cased End and Side Wall Panels for ANY Metal Factory Assembled (FAP) Cooling Tower. Cost Effective, Built with Craftsmanship, and Available with Short Lead Times.

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Cyrco fabricates manufactures cooling tower casing side panels

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Cyrco, inc. metal fabricates aftermarket replacement casing end and side wall panels for any metal cooling tower, no matter the make, model, or year built. Our extensive years in the cooling tower industry has enabled us to catalog an indepth database, often allowing us to quickly metal fabricate parts that are commonly replaced on for SPX Marley, Evapco, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), Pritchard, and many other manufacturer's cooling towers. Custom metal fabrication capabilities also enables us to manufacturer replacement parts for older, obsolete cooling towers that no longer have parts available.

Our aftermarket cased end and side wall panels can be custom fabricated to any size with location-matching and compatible hardware configurations. Precision and attention to detail, including proper fastener alignment, results in an easy, hassle-free, drop-in installation for the end user. All panels ordered include installation hardware and our top of the line butalastic sealant, which is one of most waterproof sealants available on today's market.

We meet, or often exceed OEM manufacturer specifications, including the use of heavier 14 gauge steel, as typically manufacturer's OEM parts and competitor's aftermarket replacement parts, are fabricated from thinner 16 gauged metals. This over 20% increase in metal provides for a longer lasting and much stronger structural surface. All metals used by Cyrco, inc. are quality, USA made steel, further assuring longevity and the finest of craftsmanship.

Standard 14 gauge metal options include G235 galvanized steel, 304 stainless, or 316L stainless steel.

Galvanized G235 steel features a heavier coating and up to 2.6x more longevity compared to galvanized G90 coating, with the latter, sub-par material often used by our competitors and other cooling tower manufacturers. When comparing to stainless steel, galvanized is a better choice of material in chlorine environments and when trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Stainless 304 steel is stronger than galvanized steel and offers some of the best resistance to rust, natural oxidation, and chloride protection, including cooling towers prone to salty environments. For even a stronger resistance, we offer replacement cased end and side wall panels is 316L stainless steel.

Cyrco, inc. consistently maintains one of the most rapid, if not the quickest, turn around times in the cooling tower parts-supply industry. Typically our replacement casing panels, including custom panels, ship in less than a week from the time of placed order. All panels are professionally crated which provides exceptional protection from damage during shipping. Topped with prices well below OEM manufacturer's replacement parts, our aftermarket cased end and side wall panels are some of the most popular aftermarket parts Cyrco manufactures.


Cyrco, inc. also offers custom replacement Louver Columns for factory packaged metal cooling towers. Custom made to any size and configuration, Cyrco's louver columns feature metal slots that securely house cooling tower fiberglass louvers.




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