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Cyrco, inc. Consistently Maintains One of the Lowest Workers Compensation Experience Mod Ratings (EMR) for Safety in the Entire Cooling Tower Industry

It is the mission of Cyrco's Health and Safety Committee to promote a culture of safety throughout the cooling tower industry. We observe and monitor safe work practices for all workers at all levels and provide feedback and structure to enforce and promote Cyrco's culture of safety. Each member of management as well as all employees are trained to identify the hazards in our unique workplace and remove the hazards by engineering controls and by providing our employees with the latest and best personal protective equipment available.


Cyrco worker inside a cooling tower fan shaft tied off - osha emr safety lowest rating


Cyrco always meets or exceeds the safety requirements in regards to all work conducted on our client's job site. Integral to our staff and project management team is a full-time Safety Director who is also an OSHA Authorized Trainer.

  • We believe ALL hazards in the work place can be identified and abated.
  • We believe ALL work can be performed in a safe manner.
  • We believe ALL accidents are preventable.
  • We believe our Clients are entitled to Zero Risk Exposure when Cyrco is on their site.
  • Our Supervisors have Advanced Training with a minimum of OSHA 30 Hours and CPR Certification.
  • Our technicians have a minimum training of OSHA 10 Hours.


We are affiliated with or members of ISNet World, Mid-Atlantic Safety Council, TAPPISAFE, National Fire Protection Association, Houston Area Safety Council, BROWZ and many others.

We believe our dedication to promoting a culture of safety directly reflects on us having an OSHA Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Incident Rate well below the national average for the cooling tower industry.

If we may provide a training syllabus or assist with any OSHA training needs, including OSHA 30 Hour Training, please contact our Safety Director at (336) 668-0977 or through our Contact Us Form.


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  • Affiliates:
  • CTI
  • ISN
  • NFPA
  • Avetta
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council