Air Inlet Louver and FRP Fiberglass Casing Panel Repair | Cyrco, inc.

Air Inlet Louver and FRP Fiberglass Casing Panel Replacement Reconstruction for Field Erected Cooling Towers

Cyrco, inc. inventories heavy-duty 4.2" corrugated, 12 oz. FRP fiberglass casing and air inlet louver panels in both smooth and embossed surfaces. In addition to reconstruction replacement, including emergency service repair, we provide expedited shipping of FRP casing panels and air inlet louvers, complete with polypropylene louver arms, corner rolls, hardware parts, and all necessary stainless steel assembly fasteners.

These parts are often damaged in hurricanes and tropical storms. Cyrco's craftsmen are on call 24/7 to respond to any cooling tower emergency, including storm, hurricane, fire damage, mechanical or structural failure.

In Stock Items:

  • 4.2" Corrugated Air Inlet Louvers
  • 5.33" V-Beam
  • 7.2" Box Rib
  • FRP Corner Rolls


Fiberglass siding on air inlet louver reconstructi

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