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Complete Cooling Tower Parts Supplier Including Fans and Fan Assemblies for Field Erected (FEP) and Metal Factory Assembled (FAP) Cooling Towers

Regardless of the age, or make and model of your cooling tower, Cyrco, inc. supplies replacement fans, blades, and OEM parts for field erected (FEP) cooling towers; or aftermarket replacement whole fan assembly kits for metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling towers. We offer competitive pricing and expedited shipping services for cooling tower fans of any size, whether it be for a 40' (12m) diameter Hudson Tuf-Lite fiberglass fan or a 6' (2m) to 22' (7m) diameter aluminum fan.

Field Erected Cooling Tower Aluminum and Fiberglass Fans, Fan Blades, and Fan Parts
- Authorized Reseller, Hudson Tuf-Lite® Axial Flow Fans

Cyrco, inc. is an Authorized Reseller for Hudson Tuf-Lite Fans for Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, and Air-Cooled Steam Condensers.

Cyrco, inc. is an Authorized Reseller for Chart Industries, manufactures of Hudson Tuf-Lite® Fans, who has been the leading manufacture of axle flow fans for air-cooled heat exchangers, air-cooled steam condensers, and cooling towers since the 1950s. The Hudson Tuf-Lite fan product line offers a large selection of purpose-driven fan designs and in a wide range of diameters from 6' (2m) to 40 feet (12m). Hudson Tuf-Lite fan blades are hollow making them light weight, energy efficient, and in so, reduces unnecessary stress to the gearbox and other equipment. The fan blades are molded using either an epoxy resin or a specially formulated proprietary vinyl ester resin. They are extremely tough and provide long-term durability, even in harsh conditions and environments.

We also supply individual Hudson Tuf-Lite fan blades and all related fan parts such as hubs, blade clamps, blade clamp hardware, bushings, and leading edge blade protectors for your existing Hudson assembly.

When applicable, we also offer 6' to 22' diameter, low noise, adjustable pitch, aluminum fans for field erected cooling towers.

Why Hudson Tuf-Lite Fans?
See the flyer below comparing Hudson Tuf-Lite III fans vs. Marley HP7000 fans.

PDF icon Hudson Tuf-Lite III Fans Compared to Marley HP7000 Fans


Cyrco, inc. is an Authorized Dealer for Aluminum Moore Axial Flow Fans for Field Erected and Metal Factory Assembled Cooling Towers

Metal Factory Assembled Cooling Towers: Aftermarket Fans and Fan Assembly Kits
- Authorized Reseller, Moore Axial Flow Fans

We inventory and supply fans, fan parts, and whole fan assemblies including the complete fan hub, for any make and model metal factory assembled cooling tower. Moore Axial Flow Fans are drop-in replacements for SPX Marley, BAC, Evapco, Evaptech, Pritchard Pacific, and many other manufacturer's models. Moore's light weight fan assemblies come pre-caliberated, are extremely efficient, and feature adjustable pitch blades.

Moore Axial Flow fans are long industry-known, since the 1940s, for their quality, quietness, and low vibration. They are significantly lower in cost than a new OEM manufacturer replacement, AND readily available with short lead times. Our extensive database of our competitors' towers, enables us to ship or install your replacement aluminum fan assembly with factory pre-set blade clevice angles. Every fan is set to the correct cubic feet per minute (CFM) and motor load for your exact make and model cooling tower.




Field Erected Cooling Tower Fan Torque Tubes Custom Metal Fabricated From USA Made Steel Mechanical Equipment Support Mounts Gearboxes Fans Motors Custom Metal Fabricated USA Made Steel Rexnord Addax Cooling Tower Fan Brake



Hudson Tuf-lite III fan and fan blade parts

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