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Cyrco, inc. Designs and Installs Custom Plenum, Mechanical, and Other Types of FRP Walkway Platforms for Any Passage Needs

FRP grate mechanical and plenum walkway platforms for field erected cooling towers

Cyrco's engineering and construction teams custom design and professionally install plenum and mechanical FRP walkway platforms for any field erected cooling tower. Mechanical walkway platforms allow employees safe and easy passage to a counterflow cooling tower's fan assembly and gearbox where routine inspections and mechanical maintenance can be performed. For crossflow field erected cooling towers, a plenum walkway platform allows access inside the tower even while it remains operational.

Cyrco's walkway platforms always meet and often exceed OSHA compliant standards, further helping to keep employees safe from fall hazards, which is a leading cause of serious work related injuries and deaths.

As should be expected, we only use a superior-grade of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating for the construction of our walkway platforms. Our FRP grating walkways offers a non-slip, maintenance-free surface that is extremely tough and durable, guaranteeing many years of reliable service. A leading factor to consider is that FRP grating materials cost less and is very simple and quick to install when compared to the traditional construction of wood, aluminum, or steel walkways.

FRP Walkway Platform Features:

  • Light Weight, Yet Possess a High Load Bearing Capacity
  • Maintenance Free
  • Permanent Slip Resistance
  • Chemical, Corrosion, and UV Resistant
  • Non-Sparking, Non-Conductive, and Fire Retardant
  • Will Not Rust or Rot Like Metal or Wood
  • Low Cost Life Cycle
  • Lower Material Cost Than Wood or Metal Walkways
  • Easier and Quicker Installation Than Wood or Metal Walkways


In addition to field erected cooling tower walkways, Cyrco, inc. also designs and installs custom catwalks, other types of walkway platforms, metal factory assembled ladders and platform landings, multi-level staircases, ladder systems, escape ladders, access doors, safety railings, and safety swing gates.


FRP walkway platform ladder system & safety gate

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