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From Periodic Lubrication Changes to Complete Mechanical Replacement or Retrofits, Cyrco is Committed to Providing Our Clients the Very Best Service and Value Possible.

Mechanical repairs and replacement for field erected and metal factory assembled cooling towers

Our technicians are trained in the best practices for mechanical service and replacement with a management-driven emphasis on machine health. Our technicians are extensively trained on the following craft specifics:

  • Soft Foot Detection & Elimination
  • Best Practices and Protocol for Laser and Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment
  • Torque Tolerances & Values
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Tighten and Balance Fan Induction Motors
  • Adverse Resonate Frequency 
  • Bearing, Sheaves, and Coupling Repairs
  • Gearbox Lubrication
  • Inspection and Replacement of Broken or Worn Gears in Gearbox
  • Fill Heat Transfer Media and Drift Eliminator Cleaning or Replacement (Repacks)
  • Hot and Cold Water Basin Repair
  • Water Distribution System Repairs


We can assist with engineering designs to replace Philadelphia, Western, Westec, Textron, and Sumitomo gearboxes with new, more readily available Amarillo gear boxes.

Offering annual or bi-annual cooling tower mechanical service inspections, we are able to assist our clients with planning, budget forecasting, and scheduling mechanical replacements and repairs prior to an equipment failure. A forced or unscheduled shut down can be costly for our clients, both in loss of production and expedited emergency repair services.





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Cooling Tower Fan Gearbox Calibration Repair

  • Affiliates:
  • CTI
  • ISN
  • NFPA
  • Avetta
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council