Cyrco's Non-Clogging Spray Nozzles for Cooling Towers

A Simple, Robust, One-Piece Nonclogging Spray Nozzle with No Bottlenecks or Areas of Snag, and No Moving Parts that are the Often the First Part to Fail

Cyrco's Non-Clogging Spray Nozzle for Counter Flow Cooling Towers



  • No constricting bottlenecks or areas of snag making this the most non-clogging spray nozzle on the cooling tower market
  • No moving parts that often clog, are unreliable, and the first part of the nozzle to break; a broken nozzle can cause “water jet” damage to the fill media costing the client even more in an expensive fill repack repair
  • No areas of snag from the water distribution piping to the nozzle
  • Extremely robust, super simple, one-piece design




  • For counter-flow cooling towers and other applications with viscous, suspended, or solid process water and nozzle clogging particulates
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured solely by Cyrco, inc.
  • Exceptionally high flow rate of gallons per minute (gpm) performance
  • Accepts water-reducing, tapered metering orifices to regulate and distribute water evenly throughout the lateral water distribution system
  • Nozzle Adapters for standard 2” fine thread nozzles matching contours to mount flush on four, six, or eight inch lateral distribution pipes
  • Made of chemical and thermal resistant, industrial-grade polypropylene
  • The bottom dispersal cone splash plate is precisely engineered to provide a uniform fan disbursement of the hot water without gaps or streams
  • Easy to install, inspect, and with no additional maintenance needed
  • Won't break or blow out under excessive water pressure, induced vibration, or water “hammering” upon start up



Background and Purpose:

Possessing nearly half a century of in-the-field, cooling tower repair and reconstruction services, Cyrco, inc. realized there was a continuous demand for a truly non-clogging spray nozzle.

Many of our competitor's non-clogging spray nozzles simply clog or break, even over short periods of time. Those nozzles with moving parts often jam then clog, or jam and then break. The more clogged the nozzle or series of nozzles become, the more the pressure of the process water increases. As the water pressure increases so do the odds of the spray nozzle blowing out from the distribution pipe. Broken and blown out spray nozzles then can cause expensive "water jet" damage to the fill media below. With improperly chosen parts and/or those that are poorly designed, even a newly constructed cooling tower can quickly become thermal and energy deficient, and with expensive challenges to overcome.



Ideal for Solid Particulate "Dirty-Water" Counterflow, Field Erected (FEP) Cooling Towers Such As:

  • Steel and metal mill cooling towers
  • Paper and pulp industry cooling towers
  • Lake or river drawn water cooling towers
  • Meat bi-product cooling towers
  • Any contact cooling tower or for use with other water applications where the process water contains suspended or solid particulates such as plastics, rubbers, grains, minerals, metals, soil, or other clogging contaminants.





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Cyrco inc Cooling Tower Non-Clogging Spray Nozzles

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