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Cyrco's Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Aftermarket Inlet Riser Connection Plates are Long Lasting and Cost Significantly Less Than OEM Galvanized Replacements

Before and After of Cyrco's stainless steel aftermarket inlet riser connection plate for BAC cooling towers.


Cyrco, inc. custom metal fabricates aftermarket inlet riser connection plates for Baltimore Aircoil (B.A.C.) metal cooling towers that are made from superior, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The original B.A.C. OEM plate is made of galvanized steel which can corrode and deteriorate, therefore causing water leak failures. A cooling tower that leaks water can create safety hazards, become costly in water consumption, and/or decrease thermal performance and energy efficiency. If prolonged, damage to nearby structural materials may occur causing the need for additional costly repairs.

Our aftermarket replacement Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) inlet riser connection plates utilize heavy gauge, USA made stainless steel as they are "built-to-last." They also cost significantly less than that of a Baltimore Aircoil OEM galvanized replacement part.

Cyrco's superior aftermarket stainless steel plates if used in conjunction with a stainless steel flange and PVC inlet piping, assures our clients will not have another failure, nor need to waste their time and money on follow up service calls for expensive repairs and more replacement parts.

Our goal is to always offer the widest range of products and services in order to be your "single-source" cooling tower solutions provider.




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Cyrco Aftermarket Inlet Riser Connection Plate BAC

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