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Cyrco's Fabricated Aftermarket Inlet Riser Connection Plates for BAC Cooling Towers are USA Made Stainless Steel & Cost 20% Less Than Galvanized OEM Replacements

Before and After of Cyrco's stainless steel aftermarket inlet riser connection plate for BAC cooling towers.

A common failure on Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) cooling towers is that the original galvanized steel inlet riser connection plate corrodes and deteriorates, ultimately leading to water leaks. As a leader in cooling tower innovated parts, Cyrco metal fabricates heavy gauged, USA stainless steel, replacement inlet connection plates that cost 20% less than that of a BAC galvanized replacement. In conjunction with our superior stainless steel plates, we also install stainless steel flanges and PVC inlet piping, assures our clients will not have another failure, nor ever need to waste their time and money on follow up service calls for replacement connection plates.




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Cyrco Aftermarket Inlet Riser Connection Plate BAC

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