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Wood and FRP Fiberglass Structural Member Framing (Including Wood to FRP Conversions), I-Beam Supports and Metal Mounts or Braces, Foundation Repairs, and Other Structural Repair Services

Cyrco reconstruction replacement of damaged wooden framing with frp fiber glass framing, new fan deck and fan assembly.


Cyrco's experienced Sales and Structural Repair Engineering Team can assist you with determining the best practices and material selections to repair, replace, or reconstruct deteriorated or damaged structural members regardless of the cooling tower manufacturer or year built.

Material options for field erected cooling towers include either ACC pressure-treated Redwood or West Coast Douglas fir lumber, or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite tube structural framing. We also offer wood to FRP framing conversions as FRP fiberglass composite materials offer many advantages over wood including features of being non-decaying, non-conductive, fire resistant, and impervious to insects.

We work with metals of all types, sizes, and purposes including load-bearing structural I-beams and custom fabricated, metal supports for mounting equipment or braces for additional or replacement structural framing. As metal fabrication professionals, we can custom fabricate any cooling tower part including metal ibeam supports, mechanical equipment supports, fan torque tubes, or any other metal structural part. Our metal structural repair services often extend beyond field erected cooling towers (FEP) including metal factory assembled cooling towers (FAP) and other application purposes outside of the cooling tower industry. We can repair or reconstruct any metal part: structural framing, side wall casing, fan decking, fan supports, mounting equipment supports, and more.

As always, our products are expertly constructed for your specific application, with the utmost in craftsmanship, and in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.





Cyrco's FRP Fiberglass Square Tube Shear Bushing Field Erected Cooling Tower FRP Wall Casing Repair Custom Designed And Fabricated FRP And Wood Industrial Stairways And Staircases



Cooling Tower Repair FRP Structural Framing

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