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Uniform Water Coverage Over the Heat Transfer Media is Critical to Optimizing the Cooling Tower's Performance and Maintaining Unit Efficiency.

Hot Water Distribution Parts Supplier for Field Erected Cooling Towers, PVC Pipe and Spray Nozzles

Cyrco offers a wide range of replacement cooling tower parts, and/or repair services, including hot water distribution systems for both field erected or a metal factory assembled cooling towers. We offer a wide range of cooling tower water distribution parts such as FRP, UPVC (rigid PVC), and PVC water distribution piping in schedule sizes 40, 80, 120 with various selections of SDR ratings and classes.

Need a new design or help repairing or upgrading an existing water distribution system? With the aide of modern computer software, and decades of cooling tower experience, our engineer and sales teams can help you with either task. Cyrco, inc.'s staff is annually craft trained and keeps abreast with the latest advancements in materials, the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) construction practices, and new product releases from today's leading manufacturers. Our highly trained and seasoned staff are extremely knowledgeable with UPVC (rigid PVC) and PVC piping, non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) materials, non-corroding stainless steel, and G-235 galvanized steel.

Cyrco, inc. warehouses and supplies a wide range of cooling tower hot water distribution system parts and offers complete packages that include all necessary saddles supports, headers, lateral tie-downs, spray nozzles, and nozzle adapters. Cyrco, inc. also carries a wide selection of quality flow control valves ranging in flange diameter sizes from 6" to 20".


Cyrco's Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) Aftermarket Inlet Riser Connection Plates

BAC Cooling Tower Inlet Riser Replacement PVC schedule 80 to stainless steel connection plateA common failure on Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) cooling towers is that the original galvanized steel inlet riser connection plate corrodes and deteriorates, ultimately leading to water leaks. A cooling tower that leaks water can create safety hazards, become costly in water consumption, and/or decrease thermal performance and energy efficiency. If prolonged, damage to nearby structural materials may occur causing the need for additional costly repairs.

As a leader in cooling tower innovated parts, Cyrco, inc. metal fabricates heavy gauged, USA made stainless steel, replacement inlet riser connection plates that cost 20% less than that of a BAC galvanized replacement. Our superior stainless steel plates if used in conjunction with a stainless steel flange and PVC inlet piping, assures our clients will not have another failure, nor ever need to waste their time and money on follow up service calls for replacement connection plates.


Cyrco, inc. also expertly metal fabricates aftermarket replacement cold and hot water distribution basins for any make or model cooling tower, no matter year of production. Metal fabricated to spec or often better, our drop-in basins are constructed from heavy 14 gauge, USA made stainless or galvanized steel. Our aftermarket hot water distribution basin packages include all necessary hardware including spray nozzles, inlet splash boxes, assembly fasteners, and sealant. We offer fast shipping and our prices are significantly less than that of OEM replacements. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.





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Cooling Tower Hot Water Distribution System Parts

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