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Authorized Reseller for Rexnord Addax and Amarillo Gear Cooling Tower Fan Drive Shafts and Couplings.

Cooling Tower Fan Drive Shafts Rexnord and Amarillo Gear

Cyrco, inc. warehouses and supplies parts and hardware for new Rexnord Addax Composite and Amarillo Composite Fan Drive Shafts. We can expertly match and select drop in replacements drive shafts for any cooling tower. We are a long-term Authorized Reseller for both renowned companies and offer competitive prices on all cooling tower parts.

Our standard cooling tower inventory items include the following:

  • Rexnord Addax composite flex elements
  • Rexnord Addax hardware kits
  • Rexnord Addax spacer tubes
  • Rexnord Omega E-Series couplings 
  • New Marley neoprene bushing inserts for 6Q, 175, 250 
  • Marley 6Q hubs & drive shafts
  • TB Woods Dura-Flex Couplings
  • TB Woods drive shafts and hubs 


We are a cooling tower replacement parts supplier for Baltimore Aircoil (BAC), Pritchard, and SPX Marley fan drive shafts, couplings, and inserts.



Aftermarket Fan Torque Tubes for Field Erected Cooling Towers

Cyrco fabricates manufactures cooling tower fan torque tubes

Cyrco, inc. also custom metal fabricates Aftermarket Fan Torque Tubes that are compatible with any field erected cooling tower.


Aftermarket Mechanical Equipment Supports

Cyrco fabricates manufactures mechanical equipment supports

Cyrco, inc. also metal fabricates Aftermarket Mechanical Equipment Supports that are customized to support and mount any fan assembly, motor, or gearbox, for both field erected and metal factory assembled cooling towers.




Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drive On Custom Fabricated Fan Torque Tube Cooling Tower Fans and Fan Parts Rexnord Addax Cooling Tower Fan Brake



Marley drive shaft and coupling

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