Amarillo Right Angle Fan Drives Gearboxes and SPX Marley Geareducers | Cyrco, inc.

We are an Amarillo Gearbox Distributor and Also Offer Rebuilt SPX Marley Geareducers with a Warranty

Cyrco sells Amarillo Right Angled Gear Drives and Marley Gearreducers

Amarillo gearboxes and spx marley geareducers speed in stock inventory parts.

We realize that if your cooling tower's gearbox fails, you can't wait weeks or even days for a replacement to arrive. We consistently maintain a substantial inventory of new Amarillo Right Angle Fan Drives as well as rebuilt SPX Marley Geareducer brand gearboxes in both double and single reduction ratios. We inventory the most common and those hard-to-find, rare gearbox models and ratios to provide our clients with immediate delivery and/or expedited shipping to minimize production down time.

We also offer complete replacement retrofit kits for converting antiquated or difficult to locate Philladelphia, Hub City and Sumitomo speed reducers. These retrofit kits allow for these older cooling towers to accept the installation of new Amarillo Right Angle Fan Drives.

All new or refurbished speed reducers offered by Cyrco are backed by a minimum of 1 year warranty, effective from the date of installation.



New and refurbished gear boxes

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