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Cyrco Inventories a Wide Range of Cooling Tower Parts including SPX Marley Geareducers and Amarillo Gearboxes, Fan Motors, Hudson Tuf-Lite Fans, Fan Stacks, Heat Transfer Media, FRP Fiberglass and Structural Building Materials, and more.

Cyrco keeps in stock cooling tower parts including fans motors and gear boxes

Amarillo gearboxes and spx marley geareducers speed in stock inventory parts.

Film and splash fill media and frp fiberglass structural tubing and materials in stock for expedited cooling tower shipping


Cyrco has earned a reliable reputation for our ability to provide immediate response in the event of a cooling tower emergency such as tropical storms, hurricanes, catastrophic structural collapses, or mechanical failures. To facilitate this level of service, we inventory a large quantity of the most commonly used SPX Marley Geareducers and Amarillo Right Angle Fan Drive gearboxes, fan motors, USA made Hudson Tuf-Lite fans and fan blades, fiberglass fan stacks, Rexnord Addax drive shafts, fasteners, flow control valves, pipe fittings, gaskets, belts, air inlet louvers, heat transfer media (fill & drift eliminators), structural pressure treated lumber, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tubing structure members, FRP grating, and much more.


Partial List of Inventoried Cooling Tower Parts:


We are a Distributor for:

  • Amcot Fiberglass Cooling Towers
  • Brentwood Industries


We are a Authorized Reseller for these Reputable Cooling Tower Part Manufacturers:

  • Amarillo Gearboxes
  • Chart Industries, aka Hudson Tuf-Lite Fans
  • Moore Axial Flow Fans
  • Rexnord Corporation


Quality, Custom Metal Fabrication of Aftermarket Replacement Parts

To minimize down time, expedite delivery, and reduce your project cost of purchasing OEM replacement parts, we can quickly fabricate any metal cooling tower part from USA made, G-235 galvanized steel or stainless steel. Our comprehensive database of cooling towers enables us to provide you exact or improved-upon designs for precise fitting, drop-in replacement parts, and at significantly lower costs.

Our metal fabrication services are also available to businesses
outside of the cooling tower industry.


Cooling Tower Parts in Stock Fans Gear Box Motors

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  • CTI
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  • NFPA
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