Cyrco's Nonclogging Spray Nozzles for Cooling Towers

Ideal for "Dirty Water" Solid Particulate Cooling Towers: Steel Mills, Paper and Pulp, Lake or River Drawn, Meat Bi-Products, Plastics, Grains, Metals, and More...

Cyrco's Non-Clogging Spray Nozzle for Counter Flow Cooling Towers



  • No constricting bottlenecks or areas of snag making this the most non-clogging spray nozzle on the cooling tower market
  • No moving parts that often clog, are unreliable, and the first part of the nozzle to break; a broken nozzle can cause “water jet” damage to the fill media costing the client even more in an expensive fill repack repair
  • No distribution pipe clogging or other collection build-up areas within the hollow nozzle
  • Extremely robust, super simple, one-piece design




  • For counter-flow design cooling towers
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured solely by Cyrco, inc.
  • Exceptionally high flow rate of gallons per minute (gpm) performance
  • Accepts restricting, tapered metering orifices to regulate and distribute water evenly throughout the lateral water distribution system
  • Nozzle Adapters for standard 2” fine thread nozzles matching contours to mount flush on four, six, or eight inch lateral distribution pipes
  • Made of chemical and thermal resistant, industrial-grade polypropylene
  • A bottom dispersal cone splash plate perfectly engineered to uniformly fan dispersed hot water without gaps or streams
  • Easy to install, inspect, and with no additional maintenance needed
  • Won't break or blow out under excessive water pressure, induced vibration, or water “hammering” upon start up



Ideal for solid-particulate "dirty-water" cooling tower applications such as:

  • Steel and metal mills
  • Paper and pulp industry cooling towers
  • Lake or river drawn water cooling towers
  • Meat bi-product cooling towers
  • Contact cooling towers that collect manufacturing particulates such as plastics, grains, minerals, metals, dust, dirt, or other clogging contaminants.



Cyrco inc Cooling Tower Non-Clogging Spray Nozzles

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  • Avetta
  • ISN
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