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Cyrco, Inc. repairs and reconstruction of cooling towers, including storm damage

Whether it be a field-erected (FEP) or metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling tower, our experienced Sales and Structural Repair Engineering Teams can assist you with determining the best practices and material selections to address repair or reconstruction needs of your cooling tower. Cyrco repairs and reconstructs cooling towers of all sizes and configurations, makes and models, no matter the age nor manufacturer. We always have personnel readily available for quick dispatching and also warehouse a wide selection of cooling tower parts. These two factors result in timely repairs and satisfied clients.


Fan craned repair of a field erected cooling towerFor field erected (FEP) cooling towers, we offer a wide array of repair and reconstruction services for any component within the cooling tower including: Air Inlet Louver and Fiberglass Siding, Fan Decking, Fans and Hubs , Structural Supports, Mechanical Equipment, Heat Transfer Media (Fill, Drift Eliminator), andStair Towers, Stair Cases, Safety Railing, and Walkways, and more.

Due to Cyrco’s state-of-the-art metal fabrication capabilities just about any cooling tower part can be custom replicated to manufacturer, or better, specifications. Our qualtiy, expertly fabricated replacement parts are made from heavy guage, USA made steel, and are readily available with short lead times and at substantially lower costs than OEM parts.

Cyrco's custom fabricated parts for field erected cooling towers include:


Repair of a SPX Marley metal factory assembled cooling towerFor metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling towers, regardless of the manufacturer or the year of construction, Cyrco offers repair and reconstruction services needed to get your cooling tower back up and running while also achieving peak performance operation.

Cyrco's repair and reconstruction services for metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling towers include:



A complete rebuild of a cooling tower saves money A complete rebuild, whether field erected (FEP) or metal factory assembled (FAP), of a cooling tower is more time and cost-effective than that of a building a new cooling tower. With a cooling tower rebuild project, there is typically no associated cost for changes or modifications to the structure, foundation, supporting steel, water distribution system, electrical wiring, controls, stairways, safety railings, and other costly components. In addition to saving money, often a cooling tower rebuild project can be completed before a new cooling tower would even be delivered to the job site. Utilizing the best and most current materials for construction, we can return your cooling tower to a like new, often better than original, status.


For over 40 years, Cyrco has built its reputation on executing our work for our clients in the utmost safest manner, on time, cost effectively, and with ultimate craftsmanship. Our knowledge and decades of experience results in our client's cooling tower's achieving optimal performance and maximized thermal gains. We look forward to providing our services to you.


Cooling Tower Fill Media Heat Transfer Replacement

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