New Cooling Towers: Field Erected & Metal Factory Assembled

Constructed with the Finest of Craftsmanship and Always Expertly Suited for the Application, Our Custom Manufactured Cooling Towers are Engineered for Operational Reliability, Long-Term Durability, and Maximum Thermal Performance.


New Construction of Field Ereced (FEP) and Cusomter Manufactured Metal Factory Assembled (FAP) Cooling Towers

Cyrco, inc. is industry renown for over 40 years of outstanding craftsmanship and quality built products. Our custom designed and manufactured cooling towers offer a wide rang of options. Whether in need of a constructed field erected (FEP) cooling tower or fabricated metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling tower, in either a crossflow or counterflow configuration, our seasoned and professional engineering, sales, and construction teams always produce finished poducts that we and our client's are proud of. We also work with you step by step, assuring our clients of a newly constructed cooling tower that is completed in timely and transparent manner, while always exceeding expectations.


New Field Erected (FEP) Cooling Tower Construction

New Construction of Field Erected FEP Cooling Towers New Construction of Wooden or FRP Fiberglass Framed, Cross or Counter Flow Design, Field Erected Cooling Towers
No matter the size or complexity, Cyrco offers the designing, engineering, and the new construction of field erected cooling towers for an abundance of industrial applications. This includes an array of varying sizes, crossflow or counterflow configurations, and material options such as pressure-treated wood, FRP fiberglass, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Our field erected cooling towers are engineered and customized for the client’s exact purpose, structure location including reusing existing foundations if applicable, and overall specifications in order to achieve or exceed the client's expected thermal performance, plume abatement, and drift requirements. Tower framing options include Pultruded FRP Fiberglass, industrial grade ACC, pressure treated Douglas Fir or California Redwood. Cyrco also provides our clients with optional, in-house fabricated cooling tower parts, which saves our clients time and money. We assure all of our clients that no matter the complexity of the cooling tower design, your cooling tower will be engineered for maximum thermal performance, extreme durability, and always completed in a timely manner.


Cyrco's Custom Manufactured Metal Factory Assembled (FAP) Cooling Towers

New Construction of Metal Factory Assembled FAP Cooling Towers Cyrco's Custom Manufactured Metal Cooling Towers
Often you can't purchase the cooling tower you need for your specific application because of spacing requirements, poor water quality, chemical reactions, excessive suspended solids, surrounding airborne particulate matter, or extreme hot water temperatures. Cyrco offers solutions by custom designing, manufacturing, and installing, splash or film fill cooling towers that are engineered for our client's specific application. If applicable, we can even custom design a metal cooling tower that will match the footprint of the existing foundation. A replacement metal cooling tower often does not require any changes to the steel grillage, water distribution system piping, railing and bolt-down anchor locations, electrical systems, or other expensive components. This can save our clients exponential time and money. Always willing to do what the larger manufacturers won't, Cyrco, inc. produces stellar results and products that are built to last.

In addition to our film fill cooling towers, Cyrco's XFS Splash Fill Series are specifically designed for heavy particulate applications such as rendering plants, steel mills, and a host of other industries that produces "dirty water" during their manufacturing process. In these conditions, film fill heat transfer media is inadequate as it quickly fouls, plugs, and clogs up resulting in sub-par thermal performance and added stress to mechanical parts, overall shortening the life-span of parts throughout the tower. Our splash fill cooling towers are adaptive to accommodate different material types and design-styles of splash media. We expertly selected the most ideal splash fill based on several factors which can include particulate size, particulate density, and water temperature. Splash fill heat transfer media is also far superior to film fill when above normal hot water temperatures, over 130° F, are present. Cyrco's XFS Splash Fills Series cooling towers have quickly gained a reputation for delivering impressive thermal performance, durability, and operational reliability in the harshest of environments and conditions.


Rebuild / Reconstruction of Old Existing Cooling Towers

Partial and Complete Reconstruction and Rebuild Services for Field Erected (FEP) and Metal Factory Assembled (FAP) Cooling Towers
Cyrco, also if applicable, offers partial and complete cooling tower rebuild services including direct replacement of individual cells, or expanding in overall size and thermal performance by increasing the number of cells. We rebuild any any cooling tower no matter the manufacturer, year of construction, nor make and model. Being an Authorized Reseller for many top cooling tower brand-name parts, along with our ability to custom metal fabricate any cooling tower part, enables us to reconstruct any cooling tower including SPX Marley, Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) / Pritchard Pacific, PSI, Evaptech, Evapco, and other cooling tower manufacturers. Our expertise, knowledge, craftsmanship, and over 40 years of experience, combined with utilizing today's most-advanced materials and products, assures you our reconstruction and rebuild services will result in your old cooling tower operating again at peak thermal performance and with many more years of reliable service. Our rebuild and reconstuction services saves our clients time and money as often we do not need to replace expensive components such a water distribution systems, electrical systems, foundations, stairways and railing, and more.

Rebuild Construction Of Old Existing Field Erected Cooling Tower Rebuild Construction Of Old Existing Metal Cooling Tower




Cyrco's Metal Factory Assembled FAP Cooling Tower

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