Fan Drive Shafts & Couplings Parts | Cyrco, Inc.

Cyrco offers new Rexnord Addax Composite and new Amarillo Composite Fan Drive Shafts at competitive rates.

Our standard cooling tower inventory items include the following:

  • Rexnord Addax composite flex elements
  • Rexnord Addax hardware kits
  • Rexnord Addax spacer tubes
  • Rexnord Omega E-Series couplings 
  • New Marley neoprene bushing inserts for 6Q, 175, 250 
  • Marley 6Q hubs & drive shafts
  • TB Woods Dura-Flex Couplings
  • TB Woods drive shafts and hubs 


We also can provide replacement BAC, Pritchard, and Marley fan drive shafts, couplings, and inserts.


Marley drive shaft and coupling

  • Affiliates:
  • Avetta
  • ISN
  • CTI
  • NFPA
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council