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For over forty years, Cyrco, inc. [seer-co] has been providing a full-spectrum of cooling tower services including: custom manufacturing of metal cooling towers, new construction of field erected cooling towers, cost-savings partial and complete rebuilds, structural and mechanical repairs, and the supply of OEM and metal fabricated aftermarket replacement parts. Cyrco, inc. has become industry renown as a reputable and innovative, single-source, cooling tower solutions provider. We consistently offer our clients:

  • Craftsmanship built products expertly suited for the specific application
  • Outstanding customer service, second to none
  • Transparent project execution performed in the utmost safest manner; an industry-low 0.78 as of 3/21, OSHA Experience Modification Rating (EMR)
  • Quality aftermarket cooling tower parts metal fabricated using heavy gauged USA made steels, fast lead times, and at significantly lower prices than OEM manufacturer parts


Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Cyrco, inc. is positioned to effectively repair, reconstruct, or newly construction either field erected or metal factory assembled cooling towers, in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Central, Southeast, and Southern regions of the United States. From Ohio, to Texas, to New Hampshire, no matter the geographical challenge, Cyrco always exceeds expectations and produces stellar results. As a full-service cooling tower parts supplier, Cyrco, inc. also ships parts throughout the United States and worldwide.


Cyrco, inc. custom metal fabricates galvanized or stainless steel replacement aftermarket parts. of for any manufacturer's cooling tower no matter the make, model, or year of construction including: hot water distribution basins (pans), cold water collection basins, fan torque tubes, mechanical equipment supports, and casing side wall panels. All of our parts are expertly fabricated in-house using heavy gauged, USA made steel. We offer fast turn around times and custom parts at significantly lower costs than OEM manufacturer prices.

Cyrco's aftermarket cooling tower parts are built-to-spec, drop-in replacements that are compatible with any cooling tower manufacturer including:

  • SPX Marley Cooling Towers
  • Baltimore Aircoil (BAC) / Pritchard Pacific
  • Evaptech and Evapco Cooling Towers
  • Amcot Cooling Towers (Distributor)
  • Old, Obsolete, Cooling Tower Manufacturers


Cyrco, inc. is your single-source parts supplier for the sales of OEM manufacturer parts. Cyrco is a Distributor for Amcot Fiberglass Cooling Towers, and an Authorized Reseller for Amarillo Gearboxes, Brentwood Industries, Rexnord Corporation, Moore Axial Flow Fans, and Chart Industries (Hudson Tuf-Lite Fans).

As a long-time Authorized Reseller and a continuous annual “Superior Performance Award” recipient for Brentwood Industries, we specialize in the replacement of air inlet louvers, drift eliminators, and non-deforming, non-fouling, splash or film fill (heat transfer media).

Cyrco, inc. inventories a wide selection of cooling tower parts including aluminum and fiberglass fans, fan stacks, gearboxes, motors, drive shafts, fill media, spray nozzles, wood and FRP fiberglass structural material, hardware, and more. Save our number to your speed dial as we offer 24 hour / 365 day cooling tower emergency repair service or expedited shipping on all cooling tower parts.


As a full-service cooling tower provider, Cyrco, inc. also offers extensive cooling tower cleaning services that removes interior and exterior algae, scale, mud, and other contaminants. Hot and cold water basins are thoroughly cleaned even while the tower remains operational, resulting in no production downtime. Upon completion we apply an EPA approved, eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant that further stunts bio-growth. As an additional benefit, this disinfectant application kills Legionella bacteria and the COVID-19 virus, making our sanitizing cleaning service ideal for hospitals, universities and schools, retail malls, hotels, corporate offices, power generation companies, and manufacturing facilities. A regularly cleaned cooling tower will reduce unnecessary stress on parts and increase your cooling tower’s energy efficiency, thermal performance, and overall life-span.


Our well trained, seasoned, and professional teams stay current with the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) and industry best practices, hazard identification and abatement, and implementing proper safety protocols, including following site-specific safety requirements. We take safety very seriously and thanks to our full-time Safety Director, who is an OSHA Authorized Trainer, Cyrco, inc. consistently maintains an exceptionally low OSHA EMR rating.


Whether a field erected (FEP) or metal factory assembled (FAP) cooling tower, cross flow or counter flow design, our teams will work with you at every stage of your cooling tower project to ensure your complete satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Cooling Tower Emergency Servies

  • Doubles the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) 3.0 Structural Strength Standard
  • Outperforms All Others

Custom Manufactured Metal Factory Packaged Cooling Towers

Aftermarket Metal Fabricated Hot Water Distribution Basins

Nonclogging Cooling Tower Spray Nozzles

Cooling Tower Vacuum and Disinfectant Cleaning Services

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  • Avetta
  • ISN
  • CTI
  • NFPA
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council