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Rexnord Addax Stainless Steel Fan Brakes - Within Minutes, Safely Shut Down the Operation of the Field Erected Cooling Tower's Fan. Cyrco, inc. is a Rexnord Authorized Reseller.


Cyrco installs field erected cooling tower fan brakes



Is your field erected cooling tower in a hurricane, tornado, or high-wind (40+ mph) region? The U.S. Department of Energy states “... securing the [cooling tower] fan blade is considered the most important component of storm-hardening.” Using ropes and 2x4 lumber can be time consuming, ineffective, damaging to mechanical equipment, and dangerous for plant personnel. Cyrco, inc. installs high-quality, robust Rexnord® Addax® fan brakes that shut down your cooling tower's fan quickly during inclement weather, including fast approaching storms, and/or also allows plant personnel to safely perform service work.


We are known for our craftsmanship and why we only choose to use the best and most proven cooling tower products, such as Rexnord® Addax® fan brakes. Cyrco, inc. is a distributor for many reputable cooling tower parts manufacturers including Rexnord.



An unbraked fan can cause:

  • Fan cylinder damage or collapse of the cowling
  • Splintered or shattered fan blades from contact with the fan cylinder
  • Fan detachment inside the tower
  • Excessive velocity or over-speed of the fan blades
  • Reverse "free-wheel" spinning
  • Snapping of the drive shaft or damage to the gearbox



Rexnord® Addax® fan braking systems:


  • Ideal for energy power plants, refineries and steel mills, or any field erected cooling tower
  • Highly recommended for cooling towers in high-wind (40mph according to OSHA) areas – elevated mountainous, plains, tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, or coastal regions
  • Shut downs your cooling tower within minutes allowing for last minute operation during non-damaging, inclement weather
  • Prevents over-speed spinning of the fan
  • Installation costs are minuscule compared to costly reconstruction and/or emergency repair
  • Non-metallic brake slowly halts the fan, preventing damage to other mechanical equipment
  • Allows plant personnel to safely perform service work
  • Cross-pin lock out for additional safety and visual assurance
  • Braking system can be installed in different positions for easy accessibility
  • Most reliable, simple design made of 316 stainless steel



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Rexnord Fan Drive Shaft on Field Erected Cooling Tower Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drive On Custom Fabricated Fan Torque Tube Field Erected Cooling Tower Fan Torque Tubes Custom Metal Fabricated From USA Made Steel



Rexnord Addax Stainless Steel Fan Brakes

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