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Non-corrosive FRP Fiberglass Cooling Towers

To provide our customers with all options, Cyrco is the authorized southeastern distributor for Amcot cooling towers. These counterflow cooling towers feature durable FRP (fiberglass) construction with efficient operation and lower operating costs.

Model ST: Prevailing wind directions will not affect cooling performance due to the unique circular design on the cooling tower. Lightweight and compact to eliminate heavy support and space requirements. Finally, a cooling tower that provides quick and easy installation.

Easy access through casing simplifies cleaning. Individual fiberglass panels are stainless steel and bolted together for periodic wash down and general clean up. The AMCOT FRP cooling tower is designed for durability and long life even under the most severe environmental weather conditions.

Model LRC-H: A crossflow cooling tower that features lighter operational weights and reduces space requirements. Future expansion is achievable with adaptation to the existing towers. Multi-cells designed to accommodate seasonal cooling needs.

Model LHC: A crossflow cooling tower specifically designed to serve industrial application which demands dependability and durability of the cooling towers.


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