How Nozzles Work Within A Cooling System


We are pleased to provide a blog post courtesy of Brentwood, with a detailed description on "How Nozzles Work Within A Cooling System".

Everyone knows how important the fill is to a cooling tower's performance. Since fill is the heat transfer medium around which the "box" that is the cooling tower is built, you could argue that it's the most important factor in determining just how well your cooling tower performs. However, since the nozzles are tasked with getting the hot water that you want to cool delivered to the fill, the nozzles also play a very important part in the duty of a tower.

Of course, the most obvious impact of a nozzle is due to its primary job of getting hot water to the fill. Ideally, the nozzles are located and sized so that they provide a uniform pattern of water over the fill with no gaps between their spray areas. You've spent a "few dollars" to put fill into your cooling tower, so now you need to make sure that you utilize it to its fullest extent by making sure it is totally wetted out and all sections of fill receive a constant amount of water.


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