Cyrco Patents New FRP Square Tube Shear Bushing for Maximizing Load-Bearing Strength in Cooling Tower Construction


Cyrco designed, developed, patented, and is now manufacturing a revolutionary FRP Square Tube Shear Bushing that doubles the recommended 3.0 CTI shear service factor!*

  1. Creates structural load-bearing strength capable of withstanding a Category 6 Hurricane!*
  2. Out-performs all other competitors in independent, laboratory tests*
  3. The two ends meet in the middle (mates) which doubles the torque safety factor immensely reducing FRP cracked tubing
  4. Encases the bolt’s threading, preventing FRP hole wear
  5. Locks in place and guides the bolt for faster assembly
  6. Available in three commonly used sizes
  7. Pre-installation available through major FRP cooling tower retailers
  8. Manufacturer-direct bulk pricing available for retailers and wholesalers

Learn more and see additional photos on our
Cyrco FRP Square Tube Shear Bushing parts page



*Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering of North Carolina A&T State University

  • Affiliates:
  • Avetta
  • ISN
  • CTI
  • NFPA
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council