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Occasionally, you simply can't purchase the tower you need for your specific application because of poor water quality, chemistry, excessive suspended solids, or exceedingly high entering water temperatures.

We have designed and built cooling towers specifically to fit the footprint of existing Marley and BAC cooling towers where space limitations prohibited the installation of a new "stock" model. These installations require no changes to the steel grillage, piping arrangement, or even the anchor bolt-down locations—saving our clients time and money.

We have designed and built custom towers constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel collection basins and structural framework where, due to water chemical reactivity, a stainless steel cooling tower was not an option. These applications prohibited standard CTI recommended G-235 mil galvanized steel as accelerated corrosion would occur due to entering water temperatures exceeding 140°F combined total suspended solids in excess of 1,000 PPM.

Always willling to do what the larger manufacturers can't do, Cyrco will assist you in designing a custom tower to meet your individual application.

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Available Custom industrial cooling towers

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