Cooling Tower Parts & Components

Cyrco has earned a reliable reputation for our ability to provide immediate response in the event of a cooling tower emergency. To facilitate this level of service, we inventory a large quantity of the most commonly used Marley and Amarillo gear boxes, Hudson Fans, Midwest Fan Stacks, and Rexnord Addax drive shafts as well as structural lumber, pultruded FRP shapes, FRP siding panels and fasteners. Most all materials are a direct shipment from our Greensboro, North Carolina facility.

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To minimize down time, expedite delivery, and reduce your project cost of purchasing OEM replacement parts, our Engineering & Fabrication facility can quickly produce components from either G-235 Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel for Marley, BAC, and Evapco Cooling Towers, as well as many other manufacturers. Our comprehensive database for factory-assembled cooling towers enables us to provide you exact or improved-upon designs for precise fitting, CNC fabricated drop-in components and cooling tower parts.

Cooling Tower Parts


Cooling Tower Parts & Component Suppliers

  • Brentwood Industries
  • Amarillo Gear
  • Rexnord Addax Composite Drive Shaft Assemblies
  • Hudson Fans
  • Moore Fans
  • Midwest Towers
  • Indeeco
  • Amcot


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