Fill & Drift Eliminator Replacement

Proper heat exchange within a cooling tower hinges on many factors. Efficiently rejecting heat by evaporation requires that the heated water be uniformly placed over the fill media while inducing or forcing the correct volume of air through the exchanger media. Thermal performance deficiencies may be attributable to many different factors, such as excessive suspended solids in the process water, addition of new equipment, or increases in water volume. System changes or dirty water applications are usually discovered quickly at the onset of high ambient temperatures with an immediate inability to meet production loads. Most often, loss of thermal performance occurs incrementally at an almost unnoticeable rate. Slight changes in water quality, chemistry, or changes in a make-up water source can seem insignificant. Often these changes, combined with operational hours and the constant inducement of airborne particulates with the residual solids left from the evaporation process disrupt the balance of air and water.

Evaluating an atypical process or system for our clients and finding the best solution to a difficult application is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do. Our sales team in conjunction with our engineering group will work with you to determine the best type, configuration, or even combinations of medias and drift eliminators to best suit your specific needs and application. Utilizing multiple thermal sizing softwares, we can closely estimate your existing cooling capacity and accurately predict the tower capability after replacement or a thermal upgrade is completed.

Assuming typical operational hours, media replacement should not be occuring more frequently than every 8 to 12 years. If you find that you are on a too frequent replacement schedule, please give us a call to help you find a better solution for your application.

Fill Eliminator Replacement on Cooling Tower

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