New Cooling Towers

Cyrco can assist with all your new cooling tower needs. Our production facility is located in Greensboro, NC. Whether field-erected or factory-assembled, our engineering and sales team can assist with design configurations and materials of construction as well as component specifications for your individual application. Due to our flexible design and engineering capabilities, Cyrco is able to offer direct replacement cooling towers to meet the existing footprint, thermal capability, and piping configuration of your existing cooling tower, including but not limited to:

  • BAC Cooling Towers
  • Marley Cooling Towers
  • Evapco Cooling Towers
  • Pritchard Cooling Towers
  • PSI Cooling Towers.

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Factory-Assembled Cooling Towers

Our crossflow, factory-assembled, stainless steel cooling towers are specifically designed for corrosion resistance, long term durability, and ease of maintenance while delivering optimum thermal performance. These units are ideal for operation in harsh environments where a galvanized steel cooling tower will quickly deteriorate. Our sales team can assist you with selecting the proper heat-transfer media specific to your individual process or application.

Cyrco's XFS-Splash Series Cooling Towers

The XFS-Splash Series towers were designed to meet the unique requirements of several of our clients with dirty water applications where film fills would quickly plug and foul. Our XFS-Splash Series cooling towers may be configured with several different types of splash media to accomodate entering water temperatures well above 130° F, high levels of airborne particulates as well as excessive total suspended solids within the process flow. The XFS-Splash Series towers have quickly gained a reputation for delivering impressive thermal performance, durability, and operational reliability in the harshest of environments. These units are ideal for rendering plants, steel mills, refineries, and any application with less than perfect conditions.  

Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Cyrco supplies new counterflow and crossflow cooling towers constructed of either Pultruded Fiberglass, California Redwood, or West Coast Douglas Fir. We can provide ADD cells for Marley, BAC, Pritchard, and PSI cooling towers as well as many other manufacturers to meet your process cooling or HVAC application needs. Our engineering and sales team can assist with design considerations, bid development, and material specifications for your application.

Amcot Cooling Towers

To provide our customers with all options, Cyrco is also the authorized southeastern distributor for Amcot cooling towers. These light industrial counterflow cooling towers feature durable non-corrosive FRP construction with efficient heat transfer, operation, and low annualized operating costs.

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