Reconditioned Cooling Towers

In keeping with our mission to make Cyrco your single-source cooling tower provider, Cyrco offers used, rebuilt, and fully refurbished cooling towers in order to provide our customers with a lower cost alternative to a new cooling tower.  Our fully reconditioned cooling towers are inclusive of a full one (1) year warranty.

Current Availability:

Marley Cooling Tower

Model/Specifications: One (1) Marley Model NC 4001 Galvanized Steel Cooling Tower

  • Designed to provide 378 nominal tons of cooling capacity.


Evapco Cooling Towers

Model/Specifications: Four (4) Cells of Model EDX214-1424 Stainless Steel Cooling Towers

  • Each individual fan cell is designed to provide 1,038 nominal tons of cooling capacity.

 Evapco Stainless Steel Cooling Tower


Model/Specifications: Two-Cell Evapco Double Cross Flow Model EDX214-1424 Stainless Steel Cooling Tower. Evapco Cutout pdf

Quantity: Two (2)

  • Each individual fan cell is designed to provide 1,038 nominal tons of cooling capacity. 
  • The units are constructed of 304 stainless steel framework, cased side walls, cold water collection basin and hot water distribution basins. 
  • Heat transfer media is bottom supported herringbone 15 mil PVC with integral drift eliminators.
  • Mechanical equipment within each fan cell consists of one (1) 75 HP TEAO premium efficiency motor belt driving an adjustable pitch fan assembly.
  • Tower accessories include:
  • Exterior access ladder
  • Perimeter safety rails, internal plenum walkway
  • Mechanical service platform with ladder.
  • Units are complete with a 1 year warranty.

A more detailed description of features and benefits of Evapco Cooling Tower is shown in the attached Evapco Cutout pdf.Evapco Cutout pdf

Evapco Cooling Tower Features


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Additional Used, Rebuilt, Refurbished Cooling Towers Soon to be Available

We will continue to add to our used cooling tower inventory as we complete the process of refurbishment, part replacement, and assembly.


Reconditioned Evapco Cooling Tower

  • Affiliates:
  • PICS
  • ISN
  • CTI
  • NFPA
  • Mid Atlantic Safety Council